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Age stopped being a problem when we look for our soul mates. There are more and more couples composed out of young women and mature men, both among celebrities and among ordinary people. The interest of women for men that are much older than them is obvious, because they are more balanced from an emotional point of view, they already have a career and a home, plus a steady financial situation, and they are more mature in thinking, offering support whenever their partner needs it. So, there are quite a few reasons for younger women to seek older men to start a relationship. If you are in this situation as well, you will probably be interested in the review of


If you want to see what the site is about, but you are not ready to invest money in a dating site, you should know that the standard membership is free. It will cost you nothing to get started, because you will need an active account on the website to find your match. It is true though that the features you will enjoy with a standard membership are limited, but we will discuss about them later. Now, let us see what the costs are if you choose to upgrade your membership to a premium one.

  • Premium membership for 1 month costs $50;
  • Premium membership for 3 months costs $90;
  • Premium membership for 6 months costs $144;

You will have various payment options, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Also, after the chosen paid subscription expires, it will be renewed automatically, unless you change the subscription status.


As mentioned before, the features available for a standard membership are different, and fewer, than in the case of a premium membership.

In the case of a free standard membership:

  • You can check out the latest activity on the site;
  • Reply to e-mails or chat;
  • Send free winks to someone you like;
  • Ideas for member’s first date;
  • You can upload up to 26 photos in an album to can maintain and update;
  • Post ideas about a first date and see the ideas of others concerning the same subject;
  • You can post a lifetime profile;
  • Run verifications of photos, income, and other details;
  • Post questions for your potential matches or friends, and answer the questions other post for you;
  • You can post on the blog and forum and use tools for editing the posts;
  • You can leave comments on the profiles and photos of other members;
  • You can use the mobile site of mobile apps;

In the case of a premium membership, besides the standard features, some of the extra features will be:

  • You can initiate the sending of an e-mail or live chat;
  • Check how often a certain user checks the e-mails;
  • Enjoy filter settings for winks and e-mails;
  • Advanced search options that include zip code, city, province, or state;
  • You can see who is interested in you, who saw your photos, who liked a photo of yours, and who answered your questions;
  • You can see the new members and the verified members;
  • You can see the last login details of a particular member;
  • You can check out compatible matches;
  • Your profile will show in the top of searches;
  • You can get highlighted as a featured member;
  • You can request for the permission to view a private album;
  • You will have access to useful dating and safety tips;
  • Enjoy priority customer care;

These are only a part of the features that you will enjoy as a premium member. As you can see, your chances to finding your match are higher if you opt for a premium membership, because you have multiple features and tools that will help you meet more people, make other see your profile easily, and get in touch with the ones you like faster.


If you are a young lady tired of dating men of your age, because they are immature, not ready to settle, do not have a steady financial situation, they are not supportive, and don’t have to whom to talk to, this is the place for you to be. YoungerWomenLookingForOlderMen is a dating site that will bring together young women and mature men. Here, the age gap doesn’t count, if you enjoy the time you spend in the company of the other. Young women come here to find an older man as a partner, and older men come here to find a beautiful younger woman as a partner. So, the chances are very high for you to do the same. The site is reliable and has an extended reputation in the online dating business, so you should not worry about the safety of your personal data. All the available safety measure are taken by the site’s team to protect their members, as they also run background verifications to see if a profile is fake.

The site has more than 550,000 active members, so the chances for you to find the right man are quite high. Also, if you think about it, the paid membership is not that expensive, in comparison with other dating sites, so you can easily enjoy the special features dedicated to premium members. After all, if they can get you the man of your dreams, they are worth every penny.

Final verdict

If you have a thing for older men or you would like to have a relationship with someone mature, responsible, with a steady career and financial status, this dating site is what you need. It will make the connection between young women and older men, using algorithms that will suggest potential matches, so you can find your other half faster. Whether you want to join the site for fun or you consider the possibility of starting a long term relationship, or even marriage, it is worth giving it a shot. As a young woman, you have high chances to find here mature men that will treat you right, not just chasing you for the sex.

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