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For any young woman that wishes to find a millionaire for a steady relationship or for a rich man to find a gorgeous young lady to spend time together, is definitely the best dating site you could find on the internet. For 15 years already, this site has helped rich single men and pretty young women find their match, still doing this with success in present days as well. In fact, for its activity and exceptional services, Forbes named this millionaire dating site the “Best of the Web”, so it is definitely a trustworthy one. It doesn’t matter if you are or not rich when subscribing to this site, because everyone has a change of meeting someone that can be their match on Having more than 2,700,000 members, it is definitely a sought after dating site, worth giving it a try.


Even if the site is made for rich singles, it is completely free to join, if you opt for a standard membership. This will allow you to have a look around, getting familiar with the site, because you won’t have too many options to enjoy. But, you can always opt for the Gold Membership, which is the paid premium membership of this millionaire dating site. Here are the prices for this account upgrade:

  • 1 month membership for $70;
  • 3 months membership for $135;
  • 6 months membership $210;

It is true that these prices may be the most expensive membership prices among dating sites for wealthy people, but there is a way to earn a bonus premium membership. To have a chance at winning it, you need to the following:

  • You will have to share safety tips and efficient tips for dating;
  • Make proposals that concern quality suggestions;
  • Send reports about any detected abusers, scammers, or problematic profiles;
  • Contributing at the advertising and sharing of the site in various social media networks;
  • Make recommendations of potential business partners for MillionaireMatch, which have the same type of sites;
  • Provide a topic that is hot to write about;

If you can do any of the previous, don’t forget to send an e-mail to the site’s support e-mail address, because your idea or proposal will be verified before being approved, if the case.


As mentioned before, you can opt or a standard membership, which is for free. Here are some of the features provided for this type of membership:

  • You can reply to the received e-mails;
  • You can request support with the help of live chat;
  • You can send winks for free;
  • Enjoy first date ideas;
  • You can have a private album, which you can manage;
  • You can exhibit the luxuries you own;
  • You can share the ideas you have about a first date and see what ideas others have;
  • You can add a maximum number of 26 photos;
  • You can ask the verification of a photo;
  • Post questions for others and answer any question that comes your way;

The Gold Membership will have the same features provided by the standard membership, and some extra, of course. Here are a few you will enjoy with a paid membership:

  • You can send an e-mail and initiate a live chat;
  • You can manage the settings concerning the filter of your e-mails and winks;
  • You can check just how often someone responses to e-mails;
  • You can search for members using detailed criteria;
  • You will see who is interested in you, who viewed your profile, likes your photos, and answered your questions;
  • You will get to see your compatible matches;
  • Get to see the new and verified members, plus the certified Millionaires;
  • You will also enjoy a priority customer care;
  • You will have an account manager that will take care of your account on the site;
  • Get to know a large number of useful tips for dating;

Overview can be an online dating site that looks too good to be true. Many women dream about meeting a rich man, and many single and rich men dream about finding a beautiful woman to stand by their site. Well, you should know that the site is extremely safe, because they run an in detail background check to see whether the information provided by its members are real. So, if a man states that he is rich then he is indeed rich, just as much as it appears on his profile. If he is not, he won’t be able to cheat the system. Everything you see on this millionaire dating site is real. Even if the site encourages relationships between people that are rich and people that are not that rich, this is not a site that was created for sugar daddies. So, this may be good news for you if you don’t want this kind of relationship.

How this site is kept safe? Well, believe it or not, the managing team of the site manually checks and censors every profile, to make sure that there aren’t any scammers or fake profiles. Also, profiles that are of low quality or coming from underdeveloped countries are blocked, so you will find only the best quality profiles than on any other site of the kind. Also, do have in mind that you are in charge of your profile. It is up to you who will be able to see it, who can view the photos you posted, and how has a chance at approaching you.

Final verdict

As you can see, MillionaireMatch is a reputable millionaire dating site for wealthy men and beautiful women, as mentioned by Forbes and other publications with high authority. The sites efforts to rule out the presence of scammers or persons that want to take advantage of people’s wealth on the site are rewarded by a number of users that is increasing. It is true that the fees are rather high, but if you want exclusivity, the best available services, the best security, and potential partners that are up to your standards then you don’t have to be cheap about it. Also, the higher than average fees will not allow anyone to get in, helping the site to be even safer and reduce the incidence of fake profiles.

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