Working with parents in younger women older men relationships

When it comes to the opinion of others regarding our personal relationships, we don’t care about it too much. But, there are some opinions that count for us more than anything. It is the opinions of our parents. We would like to see that they approve with what we are doing and that they are supporting us no matter what. But, in the case of young women older men dating, the parents of the women may not approve a relationship where an age gap exists. Even though very many younger women seeking older men do it because they want to enjoy more mature and stable partners, their parents would like to avoid their daughters being seen as gold-diggers or anything like it. So the following lines are for helping you tackle this matter with your parents, to avoid any issues that may affect your family.

• Talk with your parents about it before you even start dating someone

A young women older man dating is a taboo subject for very many people, especially for people that come from the generation of your parents. This is why it is best to talk with them about it and let them know what your vision and opinions are. They may need time to get themselves ready to see you with someone older than you before it happens, so they will accept the situation easier when it occurs. So, be gentle and diplomatic about it, and have this conversation for giving your parents time to digest it.

• If you have friends in the same situation, bring them to your parents

If you have friends that have the same opinions or, even better, are already involved in a relationship with an older man, bring them to be around your parents. It’s not about making your friends persuade your parents about your life options, but allowing them to interact together. This will give your parents the chance to see that this type of dating is not that rare and there are women of your age that do it and are perfectly fine. You may want to ask your parents how they feel about your friends, after their interaction, to see what they are thinking.

• Be ready for anything and prepare a large dose of patience for what it may come

Having in mind that it is your parents in the matter, you should be patient no matter what. Some people just need time to filter the information and to make sure that the decisions you take are good for your life. They may also have to deal with the prejudices of other family members, so it is not an easy task for them. No matter what happens, do remember that you are their child and they will slowly come around, just let them handle this in their own pace.

• Regardless of what happens, be firm on your position

Even though you love your parents very much and would like to see them happy, you cannot let them control your personal life. If you really want to date an older man because this is what makes you happy, you will have to be firm about it. Only this way you will show your parent that this is what you really want for your life and nothing they’ll do or say will change the situation. Of course, don’t be rude or mean about it. Be gentle but maintain firmness in your statements and actions about this subject.

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