Why older guys date young women but not marry them?

Let’s be clear, almost every older guy finds young women attractive and interesting. However, the fact is that many older men looking for younger women are more interested in dating than in marriage. In the recent period, there is an increased number of older men younger women dating sites. This is quite normal because people are breaking some boundaries that were mostly set based on their prejudice. But, even though we read stories about older guys who are dating young women and having a lot of fun with them, it looks like only a small number of them is prepared to make the next step and marry them after a certain period of time. Have you ever wondered why is this happening?

First of all, older men are usually interested in younger women because they are looking for some sort of excitement. They are completely new to them because they are usually surrounded by people of their age. Dating younger women definitely looks like an exciting adventure for most of them. But, many of them lose the enthusiasm once they find out how this type of dating looks like and they are not prepared for a serious commitment.

In some cases, older men are simply embarrassed to show their new partner in public. They believe that people who are close to them and even those who don’t know them will judge them and change the opinion about them. This is the reason why they date younger women in secret places. This is a good way for a younger woman to find out whether their older partner is serious. In case they are avoiding public places even after a few dates, then they are not looking for commitment and marriage.

Next, younger women, just like other women are affected by the process of aging. That’s why many men avoid marriages with younger women. They are not sure whether they will like their partner when she gets a little bit older and more experienced. Some of them may be interested in starting new relationships with younger women. This is not a realistic approach because older men are getting older every year too.

Even though it may sound a little bit odd, but many older men are turned off when they hear their younger women start talking about having children. There are many older men who are not prepared to become fathers because they already have kids. Even if they don’t have kids, this probably means that they never wanted children. That’s why it is a good idea to bring this topic after a few dates. Of course, this should not be performed in an aggressive way.

Finally, there are men who are concerned about their own health. These older gentlemen would not like to start a marriage when they know that their health and their overall condition is not the best.

Generally speaking, the number of older men younger women marriages is increasing. However, there are still many older men who avoid marrying younger women even though they don’t have a problem dating them.

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