The Reasons Younger Women are Attracted to Older Men

The question as to why older men seek younger women is largely a non-question. Men of all ages are attracted to youthful good looks and the vibrant health of a woman in her twenties or thirties. You do not have to be Sigmund Freud to figure this one out. But why do some younger women actively pursue older men? There are women who claim to prefer older men to men their own age. What exactly is the appeal for these women?

When we think of someone like George Clooney who has a long history of romantic entanglements with women nearly twenty years his junior, it seems easy to see the appeal. Clooney is a good looking and highly successful (and rich) older man. Any of these factors would turn the heads of a large number of women. But the issue of older men with younger women extends well beyond the Hollywood elite. But at least part of the truth is in the obvious fact of George Clooney. Younger women are not looking for just any older men. It would appear that the so-called “Silver Fox” is what they are after in some measure. Older men who are still in good shape, who have retained a large part of their youthful good looks, or have been blessed with a kind of good looks that just got better with age—these are the men who are gaining the attention of younger women.

Beyond the physical attraction, some younger women are re-assured by the stability they find in an older man. It is true that men in their forties and fifties are, more often than not, established in their careers and have a certain degree of financial independence (MSN Lifestyle). They have done their foolish spending and are now in the business of maintaining stability in their lives. Many younger women are drawn to this, especially in a time in which financial stability has become increasingly elusive. Men who have established careers, own their own homes, and are able to provide the safety and comfort of an economically padded home are a real draw for many of these women.

Emotional stability seems to be another major factor for a good many younger women. Older men have done all of their social experimenting. As some women in their twenties are drawn to the adventurousness of men their own age, other women in the same age group are turned off by this type of wildness. What some women see as a sexy reckless abandon, other women see as callous childishness. Men who are more interested in running with the boys well into their thirties are a major problem for younger women who are looking for caring and attentive men who put them before all else. Older men are generally less likely to feel the need to go off on wild adventures than their younger counterparts. It has been observed that women tend to mature faster than men and as women in their twenties approach their thirties, they become less interested in guys who are still drawn to what amounts to frat parties with their bros and disappearing at music festivals for long weekends. They want a man who turns to his woman when the weekend comes and thinks of nothing else but her. They find this kind of attention in older men.

The bottom line seems to be, older men offer more financially, they are emotionally settled, more “grown up,” as it were, and they are just more loving and attentive. But the real clincher seems to be those guys who are well-preserved. It is true that younger women are drawn to older men. But the lucky older man who “gets the girl” has to be the one who has the good looks to seal the deal.

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