How to ask an older guy out as a much younger woman?

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There are many younger women who have found an interesting older guy, but they are not sure how to ask them out. This is quite natural because there is a certain level of risk involved – what if you get rejected? Well, if you make a good plan and make the right moves you will minimize this risk and even if you get rejected it’s good to remember that there are many other attractive older guys out there. Now let’s see what you should do.

Find out whether he is interested or not

Younger women seeking older men always feel a little bit intimidated by the fact that the person they are interested in is a little bit older. But, older men are the same as younger men when it comes to some aspects of their behavior. So, spend some time with them first and flirt gently. You can also touch his arm, smile when he tells a joke or something funny, lean toward him when you are seating etc. In case he responds with flirting, then it’s probably the right time to ask them out.

Find out what’s his opinion about age gap dating

When you are involved in a casual conversation with him (at work, at some party or event) ask him about his opinion about young women looking for older men and age gap dating in general. Of course, don’t be aggressive; just ask him for an honest opinion. Use this opportunity to present some of the benefits of such relationships.

Ask him to be part of an activity appropriate for his and your age

Now that you are certain that he doesn’t mind dating younger women and has some interest in you, it is the right time to ask him out. The best idea is to invite your potential partner to get involved in an activity appropriate to your age (and his age). This is very important because your older date may find some of your favorite activities a little bit childish and not very fun. You should select an activity that will make you and him feel happy and/or excited. Going out to a dinner or lunch is a classic move. You can also ask him to go to a movie with you, but be careful about the genre. Try to remember what you have talked about before and determine an activity or place that they may find attractive. Keep in mind that since you are asking him out, it is your duty to choose the activity.

You don’t have to opt for a one-on-one date

Some older guys may feel a little bit afraid to go out alone with a younger woman because they have not dated a woman for a long time. In a situation like this, it may be a smart move to ask them out when you are out with your colleagues or friends or maybe some group that you are part of (book club etc.)

We hope that these tips will help you ask the older guy that you like out as soon as possible!

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