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Are you looking for an easy way to get to grips with the various dating sites on offer? Then is the best place to begin. If you are a young woman who’s looking to find yourself a successful male companion, then you should definitely take a look at EM.

This website is in the very top tier of the dating world and has been helping eatablished men and young beautiful women find companionship for some time. But is it all that it’s made out to be? Can you find what you need on here?

Overview is all about offering an easy and effective way for sprightly females on the web to find a mature and stable partner. It’s a website dominated quick heavily by youthful women who want to live adventurous lifestyles and engage in new experiences in exchange for a bit of fun.

The service itself is loaded with excellent features, a fair subscription model, and easy management of profiles. If you want to find yourself a good partnership that allows both parties to get what they are searching for then is the best young to experienced dating site on the market for you today.

Key Features

Whilst quite typical to most websites of this kind, looks to move far beyond the typical limitations. Some of the major features you can expect to use includes;

  • Free to join for both male and female users with interesting subscription options should you want more.
  • Paid options for wealthy men, including being able to get more refined access and searching, making it easier to find the perfect match.
  • Free flirts to let other users know you are interested in them – these are costly on other dating portals.
  • Purchase premium gifts and send them as you like to other members, showing your generosity!
  • Filter results and searches to make sure you only find the most ideal of matches along the way for your entertainment.
  • Someone annoying you and won’t give you peace? Then you can block them and cut off contact. This helps you avoid spammers and timewasters which is a much needed feature on pages like this.
  • The perfect solution for keeping track of ideal partners, too, thanks to the introduction of the new Favorites list as well. Means you never need to lose track of who you enjoy talking to the most!
  • Standard members can easily sign up and perform quick searches for users both locally and further afield, making it easy to plan out the perfect trips.
  • See how often other users log in so that you know if it’s worth your time pursuing talking to someone or not.
  • All of these features make it easy to start dating relatively soon when using this excellent dating engine.


The main reason why so many people love to use is because it offers simple and effective solutions built to last. If you want to give yourself plenty of support and assistance in looking after yourself, you should definitely consider starting with this site. It offers help with;

  • makes it easy to set up profiles and view others with an easy to use interface.
  • Profiles tend to be detailed, making it easy to find the perfect companion for your needs.
  • Make your life easier with simple options like blocking and favoring.
  • Search for various terms including location, photos, online presence and even body type to make sure you find someone who ticks every box.


Although is one of the best sites on the web for this kind of dating, it pays to look out for the challenges that await. Some of the typical problems that users may find with this site, although minimal, may include;

  • Sometimes suffers from connectivity issues.
  • Has the odd spammer who can be a timewaster.
  • A little hard to get used to at first, but improves gradually.


The pricing is a part that many people may be concerned over. Whilst young females have no need to ever invest in money for their profile on here, well-off males do. Since it’s the experienced men who will then be sending their details to potential playdates, they do have to pay for what is known as premium features.

These features separate time wasters from those who are serious, and is a major factor of using the website.

This reduces the amount of time that can be wasted by fake profiles and other annoying issues. The pricing structure is very fair in general, and makes it easy for wealthy males to create premium profiles.

The options for pricing are as follows;

  • 1-month /w 100 credits - $79
  • 3-month /w 300 credits - $147

This works out much cheaper to buy a three month package. However, there are no 6-month or 1-year packages like other websites. You can pay using credit card and PayPal, respectively.

Final Verdict is a friendly, effective and simple to use dating website that makes sure you can enjoy the finest things in life easily. Making the most of close to a decade’s worth of experience, few better solutions exist on the web. Just remember that tends to be populated mostly by older gentleman, so if you are looking for a handsome young man you may wish to look elsewhere.

It’s like any other top dating site; good in general but with bad experiences for those who find themselves with timewasters. We’d highly recommend this site for those new to experienced dating especially.

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